Saturday, August 19, 2017

Coming To A Texas Town Near You !

Of all the storied brigades that served under General Robert E. Lee, there was one he always counted on the most – the Texas Brigade.  His admiration for his Lone Star boys was best summed up while watching a military parade next to a European observer.  As the Texans marched past, the observer pointed out the torn backs of their uniforms.  “It does not matter,” Lee replied.  “No one sees the backs of my Texans.”  At Gaines Mill, Second Manassas, Antietam, Gettysburg, Chickamauga, and The Wilderness, no one saw the backs of the Texas Brigade.  Their casualty rate was among the war’s highest.  There were no posthumous medals, no funeral processions to their hometown cemeteries, no flags presented to their widows, and no carefully manicured gravesites. These Texans made their heavenly assent from a 3 foot, unmarked burial pit.  You marched, you fought and you died.  Only 700 of the 7,000 members of the brigade made it back home.  The Texas Brigade always had the back of General Lee.  Now, it’s time for their descendants to have his back again.  The tragic event at Charlottesville, Virginia, has spurred a backlash against Confederate memorials and statues.  The strongest so far was in Durham, North Carolina, where members of a Communist organization pulled down a statue of a Confederate soldier.  I would urge native Texans to oppose such wanton destruction in their state.  Express your displeasure and oppose organizations who are attempting to rewrite history at the expense of your heritage.  The City of Dallas is establishing a commission to decide the fate of a Robert E. Lee statue at Lee Park.  Statues, such as this one, will no doubt be moved, but sticking them in junkyards or destroying them is a direct affront to Texas History.

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